Advantages of Mediation

For couples, capable of expressing their respective interests and positions, seeking to do right by their children, willing to make full financial disclosure and amenable to reasonable compromises or tradeoffs, there is virtually no reason to employ the traditional, adversarial model.

The benefits of mediation include:
  1. Mediation is private and confidential.
  2. The parties speak directly to each other in an environment that encourages a frank discussion of issues.
  3. Children are less likely to be embroiled in an emotionally painful conflict.
  4. When divorcing couples craft their own comprehensive settlement, both parties are more committed to its’ strict enforcement, minimizing the likelihood of future court proceedings.
  5. Divorce Mediation is usually concluded within 4 sessions; contentious divorce litigation often consumes more than a year.
  6. The cost of divorce mediation normally runs between $2,000-$3,000; contentious divorce litigation can cost between $20,000-$50,000.
  7. The overwhelming majority of divorce mediations result in settlement.
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