James Landy, Esq.

Certified Divorce Mediator
James LandyJames Landy has been an attorney for over 25 years with an active general practice, including 2,000+ divorces litigated successfully to conclusion in Massachusetts Courts. He is a trained/qualified (Rule 8, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court) mediator and further, has been designated by the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation as a 'Certified Mediator'.

“I firmly believe that the vast majority of divorcing couples are capable and would benefit from the kind of mediation alternatives currently available.”

“With the establishment of the Divorce Mediation Center I have made the commitment to reject the contentious, costly, stressful litigation path for one that empowers my clients, both of them, to effectuate fair and reasonable goals in a private and confidential setting.”

“Disagreements are to be expected, compromises are required – yet, the certainty of a mutually crafted written agreement trumps absolutely the uncertainty of relying upon an overworked, impersonal court system to make life altering decisions about you, your children, property and finances.”

“At the conclusion of your successful mediation, I will prepare a written separation/divorce agreement in accordance with terms mutually negotiated by the both of you and in a form acceptable by the Massachusetts courts.”

MCFM Certified Mediator
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